Dating Tips for Lady Bosses from Celebrity Matchmaker Alessandra Conti

Playing ‘My Heart Has Been Broken Several Times by Men’ Shares Mary

Celebrity matchmaker Alessandra Conti gives her best advice for lady bosses like Judge "Scary Mary" on their journey to find love. Judge Mary shared with the matchmaker that she wanted someone to take the lead, but since Mary is such a strong powerful woman, Alessandra turned those words right around to form Mary's new mantra: Let him lead.

Alesandra says it's important for everyone, but especially for lady bosses, to flip that work switch off and turn on vacation mode, stating, "It's okay to be feminine, and don't be afraid to be that." When Alessandra says, "Let him lead," she means taking a back seat on the date and letting the guy do things for you like opening doors and even ordering your meal for you, and then affirming those things when your date does them. She even encourages that lady boss women sit back and wait for him to come up with the next conversation topic - don't be afraid of a long pause. Let them do the work and enjoy it.

Alessandra also shares it's important to flirt and she shares three simple ways:

  1. Give two compliments during the date - one physical compliment and one compliment about his character.
  2. Give your date a three-second touch on the arm.
  3. Give lots of eye contact.

So remember to let your hair down, focus on your carefree true self, and treat that date like a great vacation.