Setting Boundaries with Young Adults

Playing The Truth Team Weighs In on Setting Boundaries for Young Adults

While young adults think they have all the answers they still need proper guidance to set them up for success in life. The Truth Team shares important lessons on life and parenting.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho says that as kids get older it’s more important to give natural consequences, so instead of taking away their iPad or grounding them from going out with their friends, you have to graduate them to things that you would have to do in real life. Her example is that if you owe money to someone, you have to pay it back.  

Judge Mary says “You have to have boundaries!” She feels that if there are no laws or rules in the house, kids are never going to learn boundaries.

Attorney Areva Martin shares that if you parent your kids they will grow up to be responsible adults.


Life coach Rosie Mercado reminds the team that teaching self-love to kids is extremely important because not everyone in life is going to love you.  

Off that wisdom, Vivica shares her favorite motto: "Make your haters your congratulators."