This Week on Face the Truth

November 17 - 23, 2018
Monday, November 19 Episode #1043AB
Tuesday, November 20 Episode #1068AB

Mother-Daughter Smackdown! Mom Sleeps with Daughter’s One-Night-Stand?

Terra moved in with her mom Debby to strengthen their relationship, but all it’s doing is tearing them apart. Debby says Terra is a hoarder, disrespectful and doesn’t help with the bills. Terra says they fight all the time because her mom is always nagging her to clean up. She says Debby even slept with Terra’s ex! Should Terra move out?

Wednesday, November 21 Episode #1059AB

Is Addict Cheating on Deadbeat Husband?

Mike says his wife Kim has a gambling problem. Kim justifies her trips to the casino by being the breadwinner of the household and has a problem with Mike’s lack of drive. She says he can’t keep a job and isn’t satisfying her in the bedroom, which is probably why Mike thinks she’s cheating. Is Kim staying faithful? Can their marriage be saved?

Daughter in Deep Debt! Should She Salvage her Social Media Brand or Get a Real Job?

Lexi’s goal is to build a business in modeling and social media but her dad Tony says her “brand” isn’t paying the bills, and it’s burying him. Lexi wishes he would be supportive of her dreams like her mom is but Tony says he feels disrespected by both her and her mother and Lexi needs to get a real job or go back to school. Should Lexi abandon her social media dreams and get a full time job?

Thursday, November 22 Episode #1021AB

Is Mom Hitting on Daughter’s Friends? A Family in Crisis as Mom Hits Rock Bottom!

Daughter Katelyn is embarrassed by her mom Kathy. Katelyn says her mom dresses poorly, has no filter, and hits on her friends but Kathy says she’s an adult and can do what she wants. Mom wants to put it all behind them and move forward but Katelyn says she better pull herself together soon or she won’t have a relationship with her grandson. Is Kathy an embarrassing mom that has to get under control or is Katelyn being too unforgiving?

Mechanical Engineer Wows Audience with Six-Pack Abs But Can He Become a Star? Woman Scammed into Green Card Marriage! Can She Ever Love Again?

Marc is a mechanical engineer who dreams of becoming a rapper but his friend Jonathan says he has no musical talent and doesn’t want him wasting his time or money. Does Marc have the skills to make it as a rapper? Watch him perform and see what the audience has to say. Plus today’s Simple Truth: Danielle thought she found love online with Mohamed from Tunisia. Despite their cultural differences and 15-year age gap, they got married but they divorced a few years later as reports of cheating arose. Danielle feels played just because he wanted a Green Card and it afraid to love again. How can Danielle ever trust or love another man?

Friday, November 23 Episode #1002AB

Is Wife Posting X-Rated Pictures Online or Is Husband Hallucinating?

Joan and Vin have been married for almost 30 years, but Vin thinks his wife has been cheating on him! After a big fight that ended in a temporary split, Vin came across a picture of a naked woman on an adult website and is convinced it is Joan. Over three years have passed and Vin still thinks it’s his wife! Will the Truth Team prove Joan is not the nude woman in the photo or will Vin and Joan’s relationship be over for good?

A Family in Turmoil: Should Daughter Move Mother into a Nursing Home To Save Family?

Shawn has given up her life for her mother with dementia – letting her move into her house and caring for her nonstop. But her daughter Br’Shawn says she shouldn’t sacrifice her own life when she could put her mother in a nursing home. Shawn refuses to compromise her own mother’s care but Br’Shawn worries her mom is under harmful amounts of stress. Should Shawn move her mother into a nursing home for her own sake or would that be the selfish choice?