This Week on Face the Truth

Monday, May 27 Episode #1102AB

Can Hopeless Son Be Saved?

Connie says her son Dylan has no ambition – all he does is eat, sleep and play video games. She wants him to give up smoking weed and be a man because it’s putting a strain on her marriage. Dylan says his mom is too judgmental and controlling and their disagreements end in huge fights. Dylan says he’s young and trying to find his own path and wants his mom to back off. Is Dylan on a path to nowhere?

Can Relationship Survive All the Lies?

Jaseline and Angel were high school sweethearts and Angel’s tried to propose 3 times but Jaseline says she just can’t trust him. She says she catches Angel texting other girls all the time and he’s even bought another girl the same lingerie he bought for Jaseline. Angel says the only time he talks to other girls is when Jaseline picks fights and breaks up with him for no reason. Can these high school sweethearts take their relationship to the next level or is it time to call it quits?

Tuesday, May 28 Episode #1022AB

Should Son Blame Mom for Failures or Man-Up and Take Responsibility? And, Is Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Kim DePaola Too Picky to Find Love?

Levenia feels like she’s dealing with a 26-year-old child but her son Ralph says he’s trying to get his life together, get a job, and be there for his son but he can’t do it without his mom’s help. She says Ralph needs to start taking responsibility for his life and not blame his shortcomings on how she raised him – lying about his father’s identity until he was 11. Does Ralph need to man-up and take the blame for his own problems?


Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Kim DePaola has been single for six years. Her friend Emma thinks Kim is excessively picky and sets impossible standards that sabotage any potential relationships. Kim admits she’s a lot to handle so she needs a guy who can follow her many rules and is prepared to wait as long as it takes to find the perfect man. Emma wants Kim to give love a chance so she can find happiness. Will Kim accept the surprise date the Truth Team sets up for her?

Wednesday, May 29 Episode #1025AB

Family for Life or Enemies for Good? And, Is Mom Overreacting to Son’s Dangerous Obesity or Is Dad Underreacting?

Jazmine says her sister Miriam needs to stop all of her partying and get her life together. Miriam says Jazmine acts more like a mother than a sister, hurting their previously close relationship. Jazmine is pre-med and works all the time, while Miriam wants to live her life while she’s young. Neither want to lose the other for good but should Jazmine stop her nagging or does Miriam need to end her partying ways?


Jeanne has exhausted all options and is seriously worried about her son Spencer’s dangerous weight, but her ex-husband Doug thinks she needs to lay off. Spencer has always hated Jeanne nagging him about his weight and appreciates that Doug understands what he is going through. Is Jeanne right to have serious worries about Spencer’s health or is she overbearing? Does Doug need to get on board to help his son lose weight?

Thursday, May 30 Episode #1028AB

Did Grandmother Call Child Protective Services on Daughter Because She Hates Her Wife? And, Is Daughter on Path of Self-Destruction?

Courtney says her mother Anne is out to ruin her life because she doesn’t like her wife Joy. However, Anne says Courtney is letting Joy get between them, even hurting Courtney’s relationship with her own daughter. Anne called Child Protective Services alleging that her granddaughter confessed that Joy abused her but Joy denies these allegations. Is Joy creating a rift between Courtney and her mom or is Anne wrong to take Courtney’s daughter away from her?


Erin says her daughter Macy is on a path to nowhere – dropping out of college, hanging out with her ex, and spending all of her time drinking and partying when she knows the life-threatening risks of drinking as a Type 1 diabetic. But Macy thinks her mom is extremely controlling. In the past, Erin has driven 4 hours to find Macy after she didn’t answer her calls and has stormed into Macy’s work to yell at her ex-boyfriend. Is Erin too overbearing or does Macy need to get her life in order and stop slacking off?

Friday, May 31 Episode #1075AB