This Week on Face the Truth

August 31 - September 6, 2019
Monday, September 2 Episode #1118AB
Tuesday, September 3 Episode #1095AB

Dad Ditched Family for Drugs?

Jamie says Scott, the father of her children, can’t be trusted because he’s addicted to drugs and gambling. She says he’ll go on a bender and disappear for days but Jamie doesn’t want him to clean up his act for her, she wants him to improve for their three kids. Scott says Jamie is crazy because he doesn’t use drugs or gamble anymore and he just wants her back, but will his history of sleeping with her BFF ever allow her to trust him again? Is Scott clean and sober? Find out when the Truth Team reveals his drug test results!

Haunted by a Sexual Assault.

Idella alleges she was sexually assaulted by a member of her husband Pierre’s family 13 years ago. Despite Pierre’s devotion, Idella says she doesn’t know if she can ever be happy in this marriage. Pierre says she can’t blame him for what happened because it hurt him too but he wants her to move forward and stop pushing him away. Has Idella’s constant pushing away led him into another woman’s arms or is there hope for this marriage?

Wednesday, September 4 Episode #1104AB

Night Terrors Ruining Marriage! Is Couple Living a Nightmare?

Rhonda says her husband Wayne’s night terrors are tormenting their marriage but he says they are out of his control. She fears her husband will hit her in his sleep but ever since she made him sleep in another room, the affection stopped. Now Rhonda feels underappreciated and ignored and Wayne feels disconnected from Rhonda. He says when he tries to be intimate with her, she kicks him out of the bedroom. Will this couple’s sleep divorce destroy their marriage or are they both ready for a wake-up call?

Boyfriend Got Another Woman Pregnant! Can Girlfriend Ever Trust Again?

Shawntay is furious her on-again-off-again boyfriend Michael had a child with another woman while they were on a break. Shawntay says she loves Michael, but worries he’ll choose another woman over her again. Michael says he loves Shawntay and wants to marry her but can’t see a future with her if she can’t let go of the past. Michael is fed up with the constant fighting, accusations and suspicions and says he’s never cheated but will he pass the lie detector test to prove it? Should Shawntay and Michael stay together?

Thursday, September 5 Episode #1101AB

Childhood Sexual Trauma Has Mother and Daughter in Codependent Relationship!

Amanda is severely depressed because of childhood sexual trauma and mom Stacey blames herself. She admits their codependent relationship stems from coddling her daughter. Amanda says she relies on her mom for everything and feels Stacey never taught her how to do things on her own and instead enables her depression. Does Stacey need to show her daughter some tough love or is Amanda better off living at home?

Guest Update: Out of Control Moms! Have They Found Sobriety or Are They Still Acting Out?

The Truth Team welcomes back some of the show’s most memorable guests! Kaela confronted her mother Donna about her dangerous and destructive alcohol and Xanax addiction. Kaela had said she’s never known her mother sober and Donna agreed to go to rehab that very day. How is Donna doing now? We also hear from Kathy and her daughter Katelyn. Since she faced the truth, Kathy has been sober for more than four and a half months. She’s found healing for herself, but can she heal the years of damage with her daughter?

Friday, September 6 Episode #1115AB